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Full Version: Maintenance Worker Assignments
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I usually use restaurants to avoid trash in my parks, but used a food court for a recent zoo. I assigned a worker to just sweep trash and empty the trash cans. Well, she spent all of her time sweeping. I thought that maybe sweeping came first and since the trash cans were full, maybe all she had time to do was sweep.

So, I hired another maintenance worker that just emptied the trash cans. Well, they NEVER did it. I would pick them up and put them right beside the trash cans. But they would walk away. So I fired them, hired another worker and assigned them just to the trash cans. But they did the same thing.

Any clues to what is going on with these workers? These are the only 2 cans in the park, so they can't be going to a different one. They are driving me nuts!!

Ratbag Oz
Have you completed all the worker training programs? Try starting with these, I beleive they are in research, under staff training.

Is anything blocking their way to the trashcan? I've had occasions where I've decorated the area around the trashcans with one or two flowers, and the guests can still use the trashcans but the maintenance workers won't empty them.

Another thing I've tried that sometimes works - though I don't know why - is that I'll sell the 'problem' trashcan and purchase a new one. The maintenance worker will then clean up the trash that gets dumped out when the old one is sold, and after that they always keep up with the emptying the trashcan! laugh.gif
If you have too many workers and one worker is on his/her way to empty the trash can, another won't do it, even if you put him/her right next to it. If you have other maintenance workers set to empty trash cans one of them may be going to do it. You could change their settings only to fix fences.
Kit Arton
If i am doing a zoo with food courts, i never make my maintenance workers multi task, each worker has a specific job. also if you have not got any tank filters or trash cans, de select those options. This will mean that the workers wont try to find these things and are less likely to get lost/stuck.

hope this helps

I installed the "No Trash" and "Super Fences" hacks. It seems that with these hacks running the workers are confused, so won't do their assigned jobs - they must "think" there's no trash or damage. So I just use restaurants with no food courts, no trashcans, no maintenance workers, and all is well.

On the other hand I also have Loewenfrau's "clean up" hack - so on the odd chance something needs to be removed this allows it.

There's a couple scenarios where you have many damaged fences at the beginning. Recycling these gets you $0, so I ran the game with out the super fences hack, allowed a worker to fix them (or the Bob V cheat), then save and restart with the hacks back.
I have found that for what ever reason, that if you recycle the can in question then move it away from objects such as benches, flowerbeds and such the maitance will then take care of. Just seems to be a rule that you need 1 1/2 spaces between can and other objects. OH another hint if put the can so its facing path it will get used more then one that is sideways only way to put it.
Yeah, turn the grid on (crt+g) and leave the rest of the square the can's on empty. I leave the square beside, in front and behind empty too. I found out the hard way.
With the tile you have the trashcan on, is the other 3/4's of it full with other things like guest foliage or lamps or things of that nature? I'm wondering this because I know there's a rule of thumb to decorate around a trashcan to counter its bad smell and ugly presence.
I find that in order for a maintenance worker to empty a trashcan, they have to be able to get onto the tile that the trashcan is on. So you need at least 1/4 of that tile empty. I remember I had a trashcan on a tile and three tree taropy's around the can and maintenance workers wouldn't empty it, so finally I deleted one of the trees and low and be hold it got emptied. So I learned that at least 1/4 of the tile needs to be free of any object (now it may be that an adjacent 1/4 to the trashcan on the same tile needs to be free, I don't recall ever experimenting if it will work if the diagonal 1/4 space is the only 1/4 empty in the trash can tile so I can't confirm that it won't work if that space is the one empty).Once that 1/4 space is free put a maintenance worker in the nearby area of the trashcan and they should empty it. Once I understood this concept, I never ever had problems with maintenance workers. The other thing I like to do, is hire 1 maintenance worker per trash can to control the place from ever seeing a flash of litter.
Of course if you're playing the beta version, I believe maintenance workers there are completely uncontrollable, and won't empty a trash can if it meant saving their life.
I keep hearing about a tab for the maintenance workers. I don't seem to have that on my screen. I have tabs for the zookeepers but not the maintenance. Would I have a file missing for that.
Which version are you playing. I know that ZT1 does not have tab, but when you install complete collection it is there. Not sure about dino expansion or marien mammal for that matter. Sorry if all I did was confuse you
Having been so used to ZT1 i havent even looked to assigning the maintainence workers to any task ...... so thanks all for mentioning this i am now on my way to experiment lol
BTW i have picked up so many tips so far thanks dancing tiger.gif
hey guys, where can i find these hacks people here are talking about, like the 'no trash' and 'super fence' hacks, I looked all over internet and still cant find them, i found 2 hacks in the download database here, and none of them are the 'no trash' and 'super fence' hacks. can someone please give me a link to these hacks? thanks smile.gif

very nice site and forums btw, i just started playing this and find all the guides very useful.
I must be slow, I've set my maintenance workers to be trained but how do I assign them to a specific task, eg sweep trash?
Derek unsure.gif
when you click on a maint. worker a box comes up with job assignments. you can leave it at the default (they do everything). or limit their assignments to specific tasks.
I've just tried that Lam but with either a right or left click I don't get any assigments box coming up, just what their current duty is. I've tried clicking al;over that box to no avail. dry.gif
What version of ZT to do have. I don't think you could do that for the original ZT. It came in in one of the expansions.
I think I've got ZT1 without anything else.
ah, I believe that explains it, then. The ability to select jobs came with one of the expansions. If you've researched staff training, I guess that's all there is to it then. :-)
I'm playing ZT1 with no additions and I've been having difficulties getting maintenance workers to clear rubbish. In another topic on this subject it was suggested that the reason the assingment button was not visible was due to a poor installation and the way round the problem was to reinstall. I've now un-installed and re-installed three times to no avail as I still haven't got the assign button. I've also just finished sacking all the maintenance workers and then rehiring but this hasn't helped either.

Can anyone suggest what else I can do? (politely!!!) unsure.gif
I am merging this with your other topic. Please do not post the same question or issue in multiple places on the forum. People will do their best to help you solve your problems the first time you post. It's best to keep the on-going discussion in one place so everyone knows what's been suggested, what's been tried, what's working & what's not working. wink.gif

As to your problem - I'm wondering if anyone knows for sure whether or not it is possible to assign jobs if you have ZT1 with no expansions. Look at the picture below. When you click on your maint. guy do you have the tab at which the the big white arrow is pointing?

Click to view attachment
Thanks for the advice re posting, I'll try to remember. The simple answer is that I've never seen those keys on the Staff screen, I only get rate of pay etc.
so, if you don't have the green arrow tab on your staff information screen then you do not have the capability to assign jobs to maint. workers. That must be a feature that was added with later expansions - as was suggested in an earlier post. I have no more solutions for you other than making sure you have researched all the staff training, which you've said you have already completed. I guess you'll just have to hire & fire until you find someone who will do their job!!! lol - good help is so hard to find. laugh.gif
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