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Full Version: African Adventure Problem
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Rosina's Cat

After having some issues with downloads, I decided to completely uninstall then re-install ZT2. I have managed to reinstall the basic game, plus the EA and MM expansions. But I cannot install Extinct Animals (this has been a recurring problem since my laptop was repaired), and I also can't install African Adventure. When I insert the AA disc, the install option appears, but when I click on it, after the InstallShield message, the screen appears which says it is going to UNinstall, and gives the option of removing saved games.

I am wondering if some remnant of the exp hasn't been uninstalled correctly, and is lurking somewhere. But I have no idea what to look for or where it could be. Naturally I did a search using 'zoo' or 'zoo tycoon', but nothing relevant came up.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, I'd love to hear them!
Rosina's Cat
By way of an update on this problem, I was wondering if it might be worth either buying a new copy of the AA disc, or maybe buying a copy of Complete Collection, and uninstalling everything.

Any thoughts, folks?
I have this same problem! I only have ZT2, ES, and AA, and while I was trying to install AA it just told me to uninstall. Even when there wasn't a ZT2 installation on the computer, it asked to uninstall! Does anybody know of any solutions? I am really reluctant to just buy another copy, because my AA disc works just fine! I think it's just my computer (it's a Vista) because I had all the discs working just yesterday, but today when I reinstalled everything except the AA disc would install.
I figured it out!

Do you have more than one account on your computer? Like one for each member of the family? Because I think that is the problem-- there are still ZT2 files installed on each of those accounts (if you chose the "install for each user" option during installation). So just go onto every account to uninstall each ZT2 installation individually. Or, if that is a problem (like you don't have the password for another account) then just access all the accounts from the administrator account. wink.gif I hope that I helped, I haven't tried it yet so I don't know if it works.
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