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I have been working with the Markhor. They are always unhappy. The cliffs and hills are never good enough. Never high enough. I have a similar problem with the Ibex too. Any ideas? Screenshots would help. I tried to simulate the one in the zoo tycoon animals forum but they were not even close to happy with those cliffs and hills. blink.gif

one of the first Exhibit Building Workshops was Markhor's
have you looked at it ? and at the winning entry ?

they are here;

just a place to try ???


Edit to add;
Also what I have found is, with the highland animals is they are quick to anger, and slow to forgive wink.gif
So if you have built the exhibit with the animals in it and they are "ticked".
what I do, is once I get good suitability is sell the grumpy critter and buy new ones wink.gif
also remember that every time the zookeeper visits, the animal happinees goes up,
so if you have the patience, throw the zookeeper in the exhibit a few times

Here's a shot of my markhor exhibit. My markhors seem quite happy. Their happiness rating was something like 95 and suitability was something like 98. I've had several babies. I even had to sell off one of them b/c there were too many in the exhibit. biggrin.gif

There are also several ideas listed in a previous Markhor topic HERE in the zookeepers area....which is where I'm moving this wink.gif smile.gif

*edited to add thread link
ya im having problems 2, im new 2 this, but i absolutely am in love w/ zoo tycoon, wats ure fave animal?
ScrapyTam, try adding one or two more squares of HimBirch trees and you might get to 100 suitability!! biggrin.gif
Thanks everyone. I'll give it a try.
I'll try that PZ. Thanks for the tip! smile.gif
You can press the <ctrl> and <g> keys at the same time, to see the game grid. Then, place four trees on two of the squares. Your animals should stay happy once you fix up the rest of the exhibit.
Thanks for posting this tip I will give it a try also.
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