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I started a freeform game and every time I would build a marine exhibit, it would not let me put a tank filter on the tank! I went ahead and played the tutorial game just to see if it was on there, and it was. I do not understand what I could possibly be doing wrong. blink.gif I added UCI's for the first time tonight, and they seem to all be working just fine for me. I only added ones from this site, and a couple from ZooTek and ZooAdmin (and only a couple from those sites at that). Should I start removing the additions in the hope that it will bring my tank filters back, or is there something else stupid I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any information that might help me with this! smile.gif

If you are playing a Freeform game not a scenario

the game items are released a few at a time every 3 months !
(the tank filter is not released until after the first 3 months !)

If you want to use everything ingame right from the start I suggest you download and use a "freeform unlock hack"

most sites have one...
I use the MM freeform unlock from ZA

marli ... actually it was Micandra who had the answers before biggrin.gif
credit where credit is due flowers.gif

Hmmm... I thought it said that 3 months had passed and more items and animals were available while I was playing it, but I will try it again and see what happens and if it does not work, I will add the hack. Thanks so much! smile.gif
We've got the hack right here on our site, Mr. TK mad.gif

Here's the link, Stormy Freeform Unlock

I cannot recommend too strongly to you to put this is your game!!!
Ah Ha! I knew it was something really simple. hehe Thanks Micandra for knowing the answer before!

Stormy, the MMFreeform unlock is really a great thing to have. It doesn't change anything in your game play, just makes all the stuff available from the start in a freeform game. It is a very safe download to have and won't conflict with anything else.
But keep in mind that once you save/quit the game, when you come back most of the items that showed up will not be in your menu this time. They will still be in your zoo, but not available for you to use again. (Or at least that's what's been happening to me.)
The filter finally unlocked on it's own, it just took an excessive amount of time compared to what I was expecting. I will download the hack and keep it around for in case I need it. In the meantime, I will hold out since I ended up getting what I wanted anyway. wink.gif Thanks so much everyone! smile.gif

Eeek... I will note that one! unsure.gif
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