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Full Version: MM: Marine Animals Campaign, The Oceans' Biomes
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Location: North America
Biome: Coastal
Map Size: Medium
Difficulty: Normal
Starting Funds: $15,000

A billionaire hired you to create a zoo with each of the major marine biomes
represented. Complete all the scenarios in this campaign to unlock the Blue Whale Hall.


Hendrick “Pirate” Parker bought a zoo and wants you to run it! Pirate Parker is the rich and eccentric founder of the world-famous Pirate Parker’s Seafood Palace restaurant chain. Not only does he run the company, he also is its flamboyantly-dressed mascot!

Pirate Parker wants you to create a zoo that teaches the public about the animal wonders of the world’s oceans. To achieve this, he wants your zoo to display at least one marine species from each of the five major marine biomes: coastal, reef, pelagic, benthic, and tundra. Pirate Parker plans to pay you $15,000 for each biome represented in your zoo.

Pirate Parker is famous for inspecting his holdings in person. Be on the lookout, because you never know when or where he might surface at your zoo!

The scenario opens with a 1 star rating. You will need a 4 star rating to complete this scenario. Your starting money can be increased by replacing all the fencing (except the chain link surrounding the Savannah Exhibit), recycling most of the rope fence, and recycling the Coastal rocks and plants around the zoo. At this point I had a little over $19,000.

I purchased a Pretzel Cart and a Seahorse Bouncy Ride. I researched and purchased a Hamburger Stand, a Cotton Candy Cart, both the Kangaroo and Reindeer Bouncy Rides, and the Aquarium with Seahorses.

I released Flamingo 3 and 4 to the wild. My zoo rating became 1-1/2 stars. I purchased a few Wetland trees and a pair of Water Buffalo and a shelter for them. I purchased 2 gift carts and an additional small restroom. I now had slightly less than $14,500.

I received notice that Pirate Parker had entered the zoo. He wants to see 3 different exhibits for marine animals. (This is optional in the scenario.) I had no marine animals, but 2 were available: the Green Sea Turtle and the Manta Ray. I paused the game and quickly built 2 exhibits and adopted the animals. When I un-paused, I was given $30,000 and a Blue Marlin appeared for adoption. I paused again, built this 3rd marine exhibit, adopted the Marlin, and un-paused, and was awarded $15,000 more. An Emperor Penguin became available next and I built a Tundra exhibit, adopted a pair of the Penguins, and was given another $15,000. My zoo was now 2 stars.

The guests began to need more restrooms, which I purchased. I also placed some additional food stands. I researched and purchased binoculars for each exhibit. My zoo immediately went to 2-1/2 stars. I also purchased additional playground items, the Aquarium with the Octopus, and the Touch Pool.

I added a pair of Caribou to the Tundra exhibit,. My zoo was now at 3 stars. It was the end of February and I had approximately $24,300.I built a small desert exhibit and adopted a Fennec Fox and a Tortoise. My zoo immediately went to 4 stars. I had to play adoption roulette before a Goblin Shark, the Benthic species, appeared for adoption. I only had $13,000 and the Goblin Shark was $20,000. I spent some of my much needed money on researching the Clam Bubbler and purchasing one for each Marine Exhibit.

While I waited for my funds to accumulate, I helped my maintenance person clean up the zoo. During this time, Pirate Parker left my zoo after only seeing 1 of the 5 marine species I had on exhibit. Fortunately this was not a requirement to win the scenario.

I built a small exhibit and painted the area within the fence with Benthic deep water, adopted the Goblin Shark and received $15,000 and the notice that I had received a lifetime supply of Pirate Parker’s Fish Sticks.

I won the scenario on May 7. I had $17,777 unspent funds, 32 animals, and a 4-star rating.

Zoo Overview
I used a slightly (completely tongue.gif ) different approach for this campaign.

I'm a big fan of the crating, recycling and flattening of zoo's when I start. I crated every single animal and put every movable item in a corner of my zoo. I actually more than doubled my starting money, which really came in handy since tanks aren't very cheap.

At first I redid the savanna and wetlands exhibits, putting them on the sides of the entrance. After that I an eating centre in front of the entrance. I also build four rather large tanks on the right hand side of the zoo. Make sure these tanks are really big, since some fish, like marlins and turtles breed more than two offspring and need their space. The first animals available are beluga, manta ray, marlin and a turtle, all of which are reasonably cheap. If I remember correctly I had my four species even before PP (Pirate Parker) came to my zoo.

During this work I nearly forgot about my tigers. I gave them a spot across the path to the savanna exhibit. Before unpausing I made sure I had some Informators on stands around the exhibits and a zookeeper to help me with cleanup.

Not long after that, PP came to my zoo. I remembered from an earlier try that he donated a kangeroo after seeing three marine animals. So I decided, while waiting for him to see the animals to build a scrub exhibit. To shorten the wait, you can actually put PP in between your marine exhibits, without him getting angry. While I did this, I happened to see his favorite animal was an Okapi. When he saw the three aquatic animals he left and donated one. So apparently he donates his favorite, which kind of makes sence.

After this I made a new exhibit for the Okapi. At first I made a small one, for just a pair of them. Since I needed some more animals to fill the barr in my zoo rating I enlarged it and put in a pair of bongos and tapirs. I also had the empty scrub exhibit, in which I put a pair of gemsboks. By this time, both my marlins and turtles had bred 4 offspring. As soon as they matured, I released them to the wild. This gave me the four stars of fame I needed to finally buy my final animal. There are three types of sharks, goblin, whale & white. I thought the goblin shark was rather expansive, so I decided to look up prizes for the others. They actually cost even more, so I too decided to start saving for the goblin shark.

By the time I got to about $19.000, PP came to my zoo again. This time he wanted to see a show with a 2 star rating, after seeing this, he'll give a financial bonus. At this point the belugas could come in handy, since they are show animals. This show is optional, so only do it if you want to see what happens.

I decided to decline the assignment and save for my final animal, the goblin. I too got the $15.000 and the lifetime supply of fish sticks. Final save was June 12th of year 1. I had $15.961 cash, 44 animals, 107 geusts and a 4 star rating.
PP gives one of 3 animals for first optional, either a Kangaroo, an Okapi or a Jag (on all counts can be of either sex) so we both saved and loaded in order to get a new male Jag in order to save money.

I just managed to get the second optional and the cash was nearly 40K, didn't need to do it as had the stars and cash a long time ago to complete but never feels fully won unless I do all the optionals as well. Currently Oct on the game and considering completing but unsure if any other optionals will come up so may just tinker for a while longer yet smile.gif

How we aranged the zoo btw was directly opposite the entrance having the first three marine tanks, the middle one set back and nipiing in to the corners of the other two ready to be converted into the show tank. By doing this we never had probs with PP seeing all 3 species as we kept the food court and large toilet at first meaning PP was always drawn back to the middle front thus all 3 of the tanks biggrin.gif

Will get screen caps up of the completed zoo I did for this one when I've decided to complete it biggrin.gif

That's the completed scenario map with Flamingos (total of 14 at time of completion thanks to the crate cheat even after releasing the first 5 plus first 4 young), hippos, Giraffes (masai and retic), Gazelles, Jags and Sea Lions all having self sustaining colonies. Whilst playing I'd added a couple of Dolphins which had had a couple of male children but as no additional female added was not self sustaining, one false killer and one goblin shark in and as the Marlin and Ray's live so long an initial 2 then releasing all offspring once mature sufficed.
I started training after the task with the 2 star show came up, but I got it only up to 1 star before PP left :/ Training takes some time, probably one should start earlier with it in this campaign. Anyway completing the initial goal by bringing the zoo to 4 stars seems to be *much* less work than getting this 2 star show to run.
I started training from the start when ever I had nothing else to do and also ensured the animals had max happyness by adding not one but 2 or 3 breaks and lifting the sea lions out of the tank to the food/sleep area the second the shows ended. Also I used a mixed show with the sea lions and beluga and didn't start running shows till both the beluga had max training and both sea lions had maxed two columns each (as in set it so that they were only trained in two columns each so that all tricks were covered but faster to train) then did as much as I could training on the first of each of the remaining columns to boost their fame ratings. Even then the first show only just scraped a 2 1/2 star rating but on the third run was up to a 4 star.
TY TY TY TY!!!!!!!!
I have been working on that zoo for weeks and have not been able to finish it; your post help me finish it!
Blue whale hall here i come!
This was quite an easy campaign as my only struggle was money.But now I know a way to do this without spending a lot of money:
First I paused the Game & deleted all of the fences and replaced them by a ditch.I put a Beluga exhibit with Caribou and Musk Oxes to help raise fame.I aleady had $23,000.I made a Pelagic Pond and put Marlins with Manta Rays (The mantas don't care.)And I put some Rockhopper Penguins.As soon as I put them PP came.I put him next to the three marine animals to force him to see them.And now I had $35,000 from the $12,000 PP's donations (gosh he pays so much).I just kept on building and building land animals and food courts,playgrounds,ect till the zoo had 4 stars.I had only $10,250 when I was 4 stars.But I didn't have enough $$$ so I paused the game,deleted everything and put a benthic pond,put a Goblin Shark,Unpaused,and won!
there must be somethin wrong with my copy, i dont have n e tank walls or biomes for he marine animals so i dont get money for placing them, HELP!!! what am i doin wrong
Not sure if anyone reads this forum anymore but... PP came into my zoo. I had 4 marine species at the tome, but for some reason why he left, he said that he'd only seen 2! Anyone know what is happening. Until this point in the game I'd completed all the goals, even the optional ones, but ready to give up on PP. Given that I am a perfectionist, this does not sit well with me! LOL
If you follow a guest around from the moment they go in, to the moment they go home, they never actually visit all exhibits. Pirate Parker is simply a guest with a different skin, but with a trigger to the goals. He probably did what all guests do, and not look at all of the exhibits. What I did, is I placed him near the exhibits I wanted him to see, sometimes he would look at it immediately, sometimes I had to be persistent and keep placing him there again.

Hope this helped smile.gif

~Posting Police
Thanks but I gave up in the end. I tried all the suggestions about placing him in front of the exhibits I wanted him to see, but at the most all he saw was 3 of the 4 I had on display. Even though I only needed him to see 3 to complete his optional goal. I also didn't bother with his other optional goal of creating a 2 star show
Glad to help smile.gif

~Posting Police
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