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Full Version: (Intermediate) Southeast Asian Zoo Scenario
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Southeast Asian Zoo

Starting Money - $75,000
Winning Conditions – Adopt 2 Orangutans, 2 Javan Rhinoceroses, 2 Malaysian Tapirs; Have at least 5 non-empty exhibits; Earn an exhibit suitability rating of at least 85 for all Southeast Asian exhibits; Exhibit at least 8 animals from Southeast Asia; Achieve a zoo rating of 85
Time to Complete – No time limit

The Story
The government of Thailand has set aside an area of the rainforest as a wildlife refuge. At the moment, no animals live there, so Thai authorities have decided to turn this area into a zoo focusing on local endangered wildlife. If you only exhibit animals from Southeast Asia and you exhibit at least one of the Southeast Asian big cats, you can expect additional support from the government of Thailand.

The Walkthrough
The best part about this scenario is that there's no time limit; you win as soon as you meet all the conditions. That's a big plus in the pressure department & allows you to build with the game running if you'd like. As soon as you start the game, recycle all the foliage – you'll get another $29,000+, giving you over $104,000 to begin your zoo. That's more than plenty to build all of the necessary exhibits & purchase some guest amenities.

Notice that the winning conditions require 8 S.E. Asian animals, not 8 species. By the time you have your 3 required species in exhibits & have built the 2 other required exhibits (you need a total of 5 exhibits), you'll have the required number of animals. My choices for these two exhibits are the Bengal Tiger & Saltwater Croc. They are both easy to build exhibits for, have high guest attractiveness, reproduce easily, & have long life expectancy. The other S.E. Asian animals are the Asian Elephant, clouded leopard (stay away from him – he's cranky), komodo dragon, & the black leopard (which needs to be researched, needs a cat climbing tree which also needs to be researched, & generally dislikes crowds & captivity).

Building exhibits with a suitability of 85, for whichever animals you choose, should not be a difficult task. If you have problems, just check out our suitability guides in the Zoo Keepers Area. Achieving a zoo rating of 85 may seem to be a difficult challenge but the 2 sample zoos below were won easily by meeting only the minimum requirements of the scenario. However, it's usually a good idea to build exhibits with as high a suitability as $ allows. Keep in mind that zoo rating is 25% guest happiness & 25% animal happiness. The #1 factor in guest happiness is animal happiness & the #1 factor in animal happiness is a highly suitable exhibit. As you can see, building highly suitable exhibits should be your #1 priority in this, or any scenario.

Since you only need 5 exhibits, there's plenty of room near the front of the zoo to do your building without too much cost involved in leveling terrain. As I look toward the entrance from inside the zoo, I see an area to the right that could hold all of your exhibits with minimal terrain adjustment. If you'd like to give your guests a little bit of a walk down into the valley, there's also a nice area to the left that could hold a couple of exhibits. With a little bit of terrain work, the area in front of the gate can hold a restaurant, gift shop, & money-making attraction.

As you can see from the screenshots, it's not difficult to win this scenario with basic zoo building skills, & you'll have plenty of money to decorate, improve exhibits, & try new techniques.
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Possible stumbling blocks
*Building too slowly with the game running might cause you to lose animals to 'old age.'
*Leveling terrain w/o paying attention to how much it's costing you, could leave you scrambling for awhile.
*Making your guests travel long paths up & down lots of hills might make them unhappy, so plan accordingly.
*If you build with the game running, keep an eye on your number of guests. You may need to raise your price to $100 to keep down the number of new guests entering your zoo. (lots of new guests can drop guest happiness a couple of points, which, in turn, can keep that zoo rating hovering at 83/84).
*If you're having trouble reaching a zoo rating of 85 & you have extra cash to burn do some research. The more research you complete the better chance you have of raising your zoo rating a point or two. (& make sure your animals & guests have happiness ratings in the 90's)

Alternate methods to completing this scenario:
(Just for the fun of it & to give yourself additional challenges)

*Create a 'blueprint' on graph paper before you begin any actual building.
*Try to win the scenario as close to January of Year 1 as you can.
*Don't adopt any other animals besides the 3 sets listed in the winning conditions; wait until your adopted pairs have babies & build separate exhibits for them.
*To recieve "additional support from the government of Thailand" you should adopt & exhibit 1 each of 9 SE Asian animals.

This article is an original, copyrighted work and protected under copyright laws. Members have permission to print pages or email them to yourself for your own personal use, however, please do not distribute them without express permission from the author.
How come there are only five exhibits when you need to also exhibit 8 S.E. Asian animals as well? The winning conditions and the Walkthrough seem really confusing on this one.

You just need 8 SE asian animals - not 8 different ones or in 8 different exhibits. wink.gif
I have found that reading the winning conditions carefully - twice - is sometimes needed... wink.gif
Here I am once again, sharing my progress through yet another Zoo Tycoon scenario. This is the fourth Endangered Species/Bonus Pack Scenario.

The scenario requires for 8 Southeast Asian animals, but I decided to go with 8 exhibits instead (even though the minimum number of exhibits required is 5). It took me awhile to get the Zoo Rating up to 85, so I had to fund some of the research & conservation programs to get the couple of points needed for that. I also left all the foliage in the zoo, and didn't recycle anything that wasn't in my way.

I did build an exhibit for a White Tiger instead of the regular Bengal Tiger, because I didn't know that the Reproduction of an Endangered Species award(s) are not available in this scenario.

The scenario story also mentions if you exhibit one of the Big Cats from Southeast Asia you will gain additional support, I adopted both the White Tiger and Clouded Leopard, but I didn't notice anything happen. Does anyone know what "support" you get when you do adopt a Big Cat?

Anyway here's the results of my Zoo

Final Stats (as of Nov of Year 2 - when I finally hit a Zoo Rating of 85).

8 Exhibits (5 exhibits required/Suitability Rating required to be 85+ for SE Asian Exhibits)
1. Clouded Leopard - rating: 100 (3 stars)
2. Orangutan - rating: 100 (3 stars) *
3. Komodo Dragon - rating: 100 (5 stars) *
4. Saltwater Crocodile - rating: 100 (5 stars) *
5. White Tiger - rating: 100 (5 stars) *
6. Malaysian Tapir - rating: 100 (3 stars) *
7. Javan Rhinoceros - rating: 100 (1-1/2 stars) *
8. Asian Elephant - rating: 100 - (0 stars)
* successfully reproduced at least once

Maintenance Workers: 3
Zookeepers: 4
Total Salary: $4,100/month

Number of Animals: 19 (8 from SE Asia required)
Different Species: 8
Adults: 16 (8/8)
Offspring: 3
Overall Happiness: 97-100

Visited Zoo: 899
Remain in Zoo: 546
Overall Happiness: 98

Zoo Info
Admission: $22 (default)
Remaining Cash: $6,000 (started with $75,000)
Profit: about $600/day
Benefactors: 22
Awards: Quality Animal Care Blue Ribbon ($5,000 bonus); Customer Satisfaction Blue Ribbon ($25,000 bonus); Silver Plaque for Excellent Exhibit Design; Gold Plaque for Excellent Exhibit Design ($15,000 bonus); Silver Certificate for Popular Zoo (500 guests in Zoo at once)
Zoo Rating: 85 (required to be 85+)

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Check this topic Southeast Asian Zoo Scenario
You just need 8 SE asian animals - not 8 different ones or in 8 different exhibits.

So you can add to the three required exhibits you already have and have eight different SE Asian species in the five non-empty exhibits??? I'm still lost on that and I'm nowhere near to the Intermediate levels yet.
You must have at least 5 exhibits. You must have at least 8 animals (not 8 species, but 8 animals).

The required 6 animals will take 3 exhibits so build 2 more exhibits & put an animal in each of (or animals) them. wink.gif
HI has any one got any tips on getting zoo rating up. Mine is 81 and i need 85. Im playing on southeast asian zoo and have got all the other criteria. I'd post a screen shot but don't know how to do one. I have plenty of money so that won't be a problem.

Thanks Kirsty
Here is an article from Zoo Tycoon Insider in the Guides & Articles section on Zoo Rating

If your guest happiness is high, and animal happiness is high, and your animals are healthy, try adding some decorations to your zoo for the Zoo beauty component, and do some research. Research is usually the little kick needed to nudge up the zoo rating. wink.gif
Yay putting fences everywhere did it. thanks for the links.
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